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"THIS FILM TOOK ME BY STORM.  An exceptional example of the 'Independent Spirit' of filmmaking."
- Mark Marvell, Festival Producer
2002 Sarasota Int'l Film Festival

MONSOON WIFE is a story of sexual obsession in SE Asia.  Four Americans entangle themselves in a web of love, betrayal, and redemption in the exotic and almost lawless country of Cambodia. The first American produced feature film shot entirely in Cambodia since "Lord Jim" in 1964.

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The 92 minute feature-length film, MONSOON WIFE was recently completed and has already been selected and screened at the following film festivals:
  • Sarasota International Film Festival (Winner of the Festival Producer's Choice for Best Feature)
  • Roma International Film Festival
  • Sedona International Film Festival
  • Phoenix-Scottsdale International Film Fest (Winner: Best of Fest - Best Feature Film)
  • New York International Independent Film Festival
  • Spokane-Northwest International Film Festival (Winner: Best Film, Best Director)
  • Portland Cascade Film Festival (Winner: Best Feature Film)
  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Whistler International Film Festival
  • Wine Country International Film Festival

Portland Tribune Film Review

Production Summary

  • MONSOON WIFE is a 92-minute dramatic movie shot entirely on location in Cambodia. Directed by Marlin Darrah.

  • This was Marlin Darrah's first feature-length dramatic movie. He has made about 100 documentary and travel programs in more than 120 countries over the last 25 years.

  • MONSOON WIFE was produced by Marlin Darrah & Skye Fitzgerald. Mika Sunago is the Executive Producer. LIVING DANGEROUSLY FILMS is the production company.

  • Many in the production team had experience making feature films. Others had extensive experience producing documentaries in dozens of countries worldwide.

  • The script was written by Candy Davis and Marlin Darrah.

  • Twenty U.S. crew members were involved in the on-location production in Cambodia. Other crew members were contracted in Cambodia.

  • Five principal U.S. actors were involved in the on-location production in Cambodia. About 20 other bit players were contracted in Cambodia.

  • The movie has over 100 scenes that were shot in Cambodia over a 35-day shooting schedule. On average, 4 scenes per day. It was shot on Kodak film stock.

  • The production was financed by private investors in BUTTERFLY MEN, LLC, a Limited Liability Company.

  • For additional film and screening information, contact Marlin Darrah at (503) 242-9168 or by email, marlin@ifilmvideo.com.

    For several years, young American expatriate, Thomas McIntyre, has immersed himself in the dark side of Cambodia's exotic sex and drug culture, seeking a way out of his life. Instead, he unexpectedly finds the way back in. Suddenly and deeply in love, he is on the fence between degradation as a "butterfly man," who samples one prostitute after another, and a lasting relationship with Teeda, his "monsoon wife," the beautiful Cambodian woman he won't yet allow his heart to trust.

    Thomas finds himself nearly penniless in a country left ravaged by the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror. When his old college nemesis, Cliff, offers Thomas $5,000 to play tour guide to Cliff and his wife for two weeks, Thomas' desperation for cash wins out over his suspicion and resentment of Cliff, and he accepts the job. He has no way of knowing that Cliff is bent on using Thomas as a means to achieve his own hidden and very dark agenda. Too late, Thomas discovers that Cliff, out of spite, has married Thomas' ex-lover, Crystal. She, in turn, has come to Cambodia to win Thomas back and divorce her increasingly distant husband.

    Thomas is disgusted to learn that Cliff's aspiration is to become a "butterfly man" himself. The increasingly obnoxious Cliff badgers Thomas to reveal his checkered past in the sex bars of Phnom Penh. Thomas has no choice but to submit to Cliff's wishes if he expects to be paid. Assisted by his dissipated ex-pat friend Marty, Thomas plunges grimly into his new role as Cliff's escort through the underbelly of this lawless city's prostitute trade. As they tour the worst of the "massage hotels" - where women are bought and sold as cheaply as a meal - Thomas begins to appreciate just how far he has come from living the empty life of a "butterfly man." He resolves to put it behind him forever once his contract with Cliff is completed.

    The streets of Phnom Penh turn into a dangerous trap for Thomas and Cliff as they move from one brothel to the next, each shabbier than the last. By circumstance, Teeda and her daughter Ani are drawn into Thomas' dire situation and eventually they are trapped by gunmen that would kill them for a few dollars.

    Finally Cliff disappears into the night, Marty is murdered, Crystal prepares to leave, and Teeda desperately runs through the mean streets of Phnom Penh searching for her abducted daughter, Ani. In this maelstrom, Thomas must marshal his courage to face a deadly enemy and save himself to survive and claim his true fortune - Teeda's love.

    One of the dominant themes in the movie is the controversial topic of SE Asian prostitution. Though a chilling topic, our hope is that by bringing the problem of child prostitution to a larger, world-wide audience, we can be a part of the solution.

    A percentage of revenue from the feature film will be donated to E.C.P.A.T. - a non-governmental organization (ngo) devoted to ending child prostitution in SE asia.

    Related Statistics

  • Girls as young as 10 years old are currently employed as sex workers in Phnom Phen.

  • 35% of prostitutes in Phnom Phen, Cambodia are between the ages of 15-18.

  • 68% of prostitutes in Cambodia are sold to brothels after being deceived or abducted.

  • 13% of Cambodian children lost one parent during the last two decades. One half of that group lost both parents.

    In addition to the topic of child prostitution, the screenplay falls into the ?adventures in exotic locations? genre that has remained popular for many years. According to an April 15, 2000 Time Magazine survey, 52% of Americans dream of traveling to exotic locations.

    Written by: Candy Davis & Marlin Darrah
    Producer/Director: Marlin Darrah
    Producer/1st AD: Skye Fitzgerald
    Director of Photography: Rick Cullis, S.O.C.
    Music Composed by: Steven Chesne
    Edited by: Jerry Pratt & Marlin Darrah
    Production Designer: Anna Gadsby
    Executive Producer: Mika Sunago
    Associate Producers: Jeff Blenkarn
      Harald Linke
      Rick Cullis

    Sandy & Karol Friedman

    Principal Cast: McGeorge Robinson
      Steve Boss
      Constance Frenzen
      Rob Stockton

    "MONSOON WIFE is currently being marketed and distributed to both N.American and International markets. For a copy of the movie and for press kits contact Marlin Darrah at (503) 242-9168 or by email, marlin@ifilmvideo.com.

    "I loved 'Monsoon Wife.' I selected it because of its powerful social themes and because it represents an excellent example of independent filmmaking. Beautifully shot, 'Monsoon Wife' weaves touching moments with eye-opening shock. The clash of cultures, as one preys upon another, is potent, heart wrenching and important to see."
    - Nadia Calliou, Festival Director    
    Sedona International Film Festival
    "'Monsoon Wife' provides a great opportunity to see truly independent filmmaking at its best."
    - Lois Wadsworth, Film Critic